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At OBJECTSconnected we are often asked, how we could bring added value towards already existing WMS, BAS and HVAC systems, for us this is an easy question to answer.

We see many organizations struggling to integrate all data already sitting inside the organization. Next to this, questions raise how can we have better data from our processes. How to complete the digitalization of the system in an easy-way. This is where OBJECTSconnected can help you.

Most well run warehouses have a Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).Warehouse floor level operations personnel and warehouse managers execute their tasks based upon this data. Some warehouses also have extensive amounts of material handling equipment this is where we introduce Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) . We also see a lot of the equipment can be fitted with sensors to provide diagnostics on how well the equipment is running, and if not running well, what the problem is.  Maintenance personnel depend upon this data. This is an enabler for predictive maintenance.

Not only maintenance , but you can use this system to create ‘employee awareness’ around material handling and safety. Studies shows self-owned trucks will break down less as company owned trucks, the same applies for plant equipment. We bring idea’s around how to do gamification and involve your workers.

We see suppliers of – WMS, WCS, and BAS – have built dashboards that do a good job of keeping their primary users informed on the key events they need to know about.  But, in the age of IoT there is an increased ability to share key pieces of data across these traditional silos to solve difficult problems. Not only inside one warehouse but across all warehouses even bring information outside warehouses in real-time to the organization.

Imagine a warehouse that has ambient, chilled, and frozen sections.  Imagine that some of the customers that get goods from this warehouse want assurances that the goods they receive have been kept within a prescribed temperature range.  They don’t want the goods if the temperature has gone outside a prescribed temperature range. We at OBJECTSconnected have sensor/software solutions for this, even for the complete supply chain, when dealing with different organizations.


 For example on a hot summer day, keeping chilled or frozen products at the correct temperature is not easy.  Goods have to be staged at a dock door.  When the dock door is opened, heat seeps in.  The warehouse manager may want to insure that a particular product be staged further back from the dock than is usual, that dock doors are kept closed until a truck is at the door and that when the truck becomes available it is loaded with alacrity. The facility manager may want to keep the temperature of that zone of the warehouse within a narrower temperature range than usual.

In short, for cold chain supply chains, BAS and WMS systems are going to need to coordinate their activities in a way they were not designed for, this were we step-in to facilitate warehouses to integrate their data, share across the organization and enrich data with sensor data. Enabling a digital warehouse,  monitored end-to-end.

Our predictive / analytics  / sensor solutions can offer many solutions for a warehouse,  How far back should an SKU for a particular customer be staged from the dock?  Does that depend upon the temperature outside?  How fast does the truck need to be loaded?  Does that depend upon the temperature inside or outside the warehouse? The machines running in the plant how are they performing ?  what’s the impact of a maintenance on the schedule ?

We are convinced classical reporting/analytics are not the solution to your problem, because if you have to use historical data on what has not worked, you have already angered your customers.  The better route is to run experiments.     

But once experiments provide the answer to those questions, how can these rules be built into the Warehouse Management System and executed in a highly repeatable manner?  What actions does the facility manager need to take to help insure success?  How is this actualized? This is also where OBJECTSconnected can be your partner.



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