Medical Connected Devices

We believe

The health care industry is competitive and medical institutions strive to be leaders in providing medical services to their communities. We strongly believe technology can help to improve living quality for our caring ones.

As long as older people stay healthy, they can continue living independently and won’t need much care. But if their health takes a turn for the worse, they may require specially adapted housing or extra care. We at MEDICALconnected  are keen to promote suitable solutions for older people.

We help organizations, governments, insurance companies, medical staff to improve their service and keep the costs under control.

Internet of things helping elderly to stay longer at home

We have hardware and software solutions that improve people’s comfort and quality of life.  Next to this we are concerned about the privacy and we have use-cases to involve family members inside the IoT use-case story.

Like all of our missions we start from an open conversation with your company to see what’s your vision and mission. From there we can help you to take the next turn into life improvement solutions.


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