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Smart Objects are already all around us, providing businesses new opportunities and challenges.
We provide you IoT consulting and advisory services including process improvement experts, business case analysis as well as the support to implement IoT / Industry 4.0 technology in your organization with products / technologies on the market or custom build solutions. We provide end to end services from architecture to development till project management and supplier selection.

Especially for industry/facilities/utilities/smart city we bring the knowledge on how to benefit from IoT/Industry 4.0 .

Business Case

Since years we are working together  with the industry to sense / predict / dash-boarding better their environments. We have non-intrusive solutions which can help you to optimize more your production process, environmental checks, tracking, worker gamification (how to have a bonus program), operational costs and many more...

We integrate with MES, WMS,WCS,BAS , SAP, ERP, Machines at large, vehicles, EDI …  allowing you to have a 360° data view on your organization. Delivering you a real-time digital vision on your organisation enriched with data from sensors.

Utility sector
Business Case

Thinking on building a smart grid ? On how how to reduce your costs on pipelines or reduce  electrical consumption ? Want to integrate all your data even from SCADA, sensors, SAP ?

We offer support in selecting the right supplier for your smart-meter, how to build your meter , how bring the story to your customer…  We also know what there is to know about security, as utility services must be secure and resilient.

In our portfolio we also have solutions from sensors to a complete platform.  We have experience in this sector.

Business Case

Looking for your farm to optimize more ? Do you have a need in remotely sensors in the field measuring your crops ? Or do you have a problem you want to solve ? We worked in agriculture even for aquaponic systems.

Smart City / Government
Business Case

We have experience in Smart City development.  How to build this system, how to do it right ? How to come with valid and doable use cases towards stakeholders ?

We offer support for product selection, applied architecture for your city, sensors, dashboard for your city and  information on how to involve citizen into your project. Maybe you want to have living labs ? Yes we can help you. 

Transport (private & public sector)
Business Case

Easy things to do like track and trace or looking for a more complex solution like detail sensoring during transportation even on ocean carriers ? How to protect your precious loads ? How to avoid fines in your sector ? Or looking to have a more secure ADR ?

Business Case

We already offered solutions to events. Do you want to time measurements, crowd detection,reduce impact on the neighbourhood or just want to be a more environmental event.

Property Management
Business Case

Do you have property to manage ? Meeting rooms to control, fire detection or even on remote locations to sense CO2 levels. Integration with BMS systems ? Occupation metrics ?  Predictive cleaning ?

We offer even a lot more. We help you to select the right supplier, implement the right platform or deliver even the right sensors for the job. We can deliver a platform or help you to build one yourself. Let us explain on how we reduced costs for property management.


connected devices in the world of today and tomorrow

We offer a wide range of services related to Internet of Things and connected devices at large.

Enterprise & Solution IoT Architecture

We deliver Enterprise planning and solution architecture for your organization. We already helped big organizations in the hurdle to find the right path to implement an IoT solution. Looking for an independent look to your IoT solution or want to go directly using one of our solutions? We are there to work together.

We are constantly pushing to create the new, to overcome hurdles and to deliver exciting fresh means of expressions for our clients.

Sensor vendor
We have a large set of sensors you can use off the self. If you cannot find one matching your needs? No worries we can build it for you.
Ranging from Wifi, LoRa , LoRaWan , Zigbee, Sigfox, bluetooth and many more ...
IoT Field Technicians
We have a full equiped team to install your sensors on-site. We offer also supporting services for steering devices, PLC and many more.

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