Engie announced two new networks for the Internet of Things (IoT) in Belgium and Singapore.

Sigfox is how Engie is calling this network, offers a SIM-free connection with no need for a Gateway and no need for technical adaptation to communicate internationally. The system as a whole requires between 200 and 600 times less energy than traditional cell phone networks.

In Belgium, Engie has developed an app for connected tanks, called TankU. It enables companies to measure the content of their fuel oil tanks using a system of smart gages, removing the need for human intervention.

Last year, ENGIE Electrabel also launched its Nexxtender Mobile app, which provides a smart, mobile battery charging solution for electric cars. Sigfox technology allows drivers to communicate with a smart management platform and view comprehensive information about vehicle power consumption and battery status.

On the other hand Sigfox is just one of the communication protocols around. It’s the art of OBJECTSconnected to select the right technology for the job, all protocols have their specifics.




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