Industry 4.0

We at OBJECTSconnected have experience in Industry 4.0, we see in many organizations it has tremendous benefits to optimize processes and minimize downtime. It allows you being more productive.

Some examples are :

  • Predictive maintenance, how can you do maintenance before a machine breaks down ? This allows you to do a planned maintenance / off peek. Allowing your plant to work more efficient.

  • Less maintenance costs for your machines, how to work more closely with your employees to work on more safety and reduce maintenance costs, Industry 4.0 allows you to do this.  For example we see in transportation there’s a major difference between maintenance costs on  company truck or self-owned truck.

  •  Monitor your raw / intermediate materials ,  In this scenario sensors are applied to measure your materials and water, electricity,… . Our solution allows you to work close with your current system and with additional sensors to provide a plant overview of your situation. It can predict shortages and allows you to see if there’s an unexpected loss of material.  Why are some plants more efficient as others ? We bring solutions to drill down into your data.
  • Efficiency of your plant, by adding sensors inside your plant, you will be able to monitor more closely your operations. It can steer floor-managers to take action, even before a situation takes place. When end – to –end monitoring is implemented, bottlenecks can be shown and resources can be redirected , automatically if needed.

  • Your customers , we bring solutions a to allow customers to participate more closely with your plant. They are able to interact in ordering , follow up and planning.  We bring solutions to even interact with their own platform. In many cases those flows are handled in an ERP package of the customer, we allow you to unlock the data in secure way towards your customers/suppliers.

  • Plant virtualization , we allow you to see your plant in a digital way. Our solutions brings the possibility to see in real time, on the floor on mobile devices , the status of a machine.  What are the parameters, in this way technical teams can work more efficient and self-guided.

  • Health and safety , is important for everyone, we have a sensors allowing you to measure dust particles, CO2 and others on your working floor.  We have experience in gamification on the work floor, this is a way to engage employees to deliver more in a pleasant working environment …

    But there’s many more …

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